Welcome to the new sierracentres.net portal

The passion for innovation is our leading characteristic as international specialists in the shopping and leisure centre industry. That is why we have created the sierracentres.net portal, designed to help you manage your business and run your shops efficiently at the Sonae Sierra Shopping Centres.
Sierracentres.net is available for you to make all types of requisitions which are essential for your shop to function well. It also contains all the relevant information about the shopping centre where your shop is located.
You can also use the portal to declare your sales and manage all your requisitions comfortably, quickly and easily.
Be sure to make use of this important tool created exclusively for you and your business.

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To enter the SierraCentres.Net portal, you must enter your user name and password. 

If you have problems entering the Portal, please use the “Contact us” tool, available on the above menu.