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A network of services to improve the performance of your shop.
The SierraCentres.Net Service Portal is available to every tenant in the Sonae Sierra shopping centres. Its aim is to improve shop performance, allowing you to benefit from lower costs, greater ease, more speed and a better quality of services in the shop’s various operations.
These benefits are made possible by taking advantage of the greater appeal that the Sonae Sierra Shopping Centre Network has as a conglomerate of customers. This allows better conditions to be obtained than those which one shop or chain of shops could achieve individually.
Your relationship with the shopping centre is guaranteed in an effective and transparent manner. Sierracentres.net is a privileged channel that allows you to communicate with the management and make any request that is related to your shop.
SierraCentres.net was created with you in mind: your daily activities, your needs, but above all, your business. Our goal is to facilitate and provide success for you.  

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To enter the SierraCentres.Net portal, you must enter your user name and password. 

If you have problems entering the Portal, please use the “Contact us” tool, available on the above menu.